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Ideal Yarns: Baby yarn, Sport yarn, Cotton crochet thread, Metalic yarn, Embroidery thread
– Yarn is not included in the set.
– Wire cannot be knitted even if it is very fine wire (e.g. artistic wire).
– It is a user-friendly and stylish knitting tool.
– You can make many items, including wool letters, accessories and interior decorating items, in an easy and fun way.

1. Pull yarn out of the ball. Thread it through the lower guide, over the upper guide and down through the tube.
2. Turn the handle clockwise until the first hook catches the yarn. Push the yarn behind the second hook using the crochet hook.
3. Continue turning the handle until the third hook catches the yarn. Then, continue turning the handle, pushing the yarn behind the fourth hook and continue turning the handle until the first hook catches the yarn again.
4. Remember to hang down the weight. Continue turning the handle slowly, and make it sure that every hook catches the yarn.

1. String all the beads in advance. Feed it into only the upper guide and down through the tube. By the same procedure 1-4 of Yarn-Knit, knitting 1-2 rounds without beads.
2. Start adding the beads. As shown in the above figure, loop the thread around the first hook. Then, slide a bead between the first and second hook before looping the thread around the second hook. Hooking the second, slide a bead and hooking the third. Continue to bead-knit rows in this manner until your beaded cord has reached the desired length.