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75% Wool, 25% Polyamide
50 g ~205 m
Recommended needle size: 3.0 mm

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Hard wearing as only a sock yarn can be, DROPS Fabel is a 4 stranded yarn and is superwash treated, which makes it machine washable and easy to care for. Compared to regular sock yarns, DROPS Fabel is spun in a softer wool quality, which makes it an amazing all-round yarn, suitable for far more than socks – try it for baby garments! With one of the largest colour charts in the DROPS assortment, DROPS Fabel is available in 3 different types of shades: uni colour, a selection of solid colours; print, where each shade is made of various colours that repeat regularly and long print, similar to print colours but with longer repetitions of each colour. Both print and long print colours in DROPS Fabel are produced with a method called “fancy dyeing” that differs from other methods in that each dye lot has small variations in both pattern and nuance. This is not an error, but an element of the yarn’s character. Keep in mind that the knitted colour samples displayed below show the pattern you get when you knit with a fewer amount of stitches, as on socks. If you make a wider piece, the pattern will look different. As with all jacquard-prints there may be differences in colour shades and pattern within the same dye lot.



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Krāsa (Fabel)

100 off white uni, 101 beige uni, 102 pink uni, 103 grey blue uni, 104 puroke uni, 105 turquoise uni, 106 red uni, 107 blue uni, 108 royal blue uni, 109 dark pink uni, 110 rust uni, 111 mustard uni, 112 apple green uni, 113 ruby red uni, 114 light pearl grey, 115 light grey uni, 151 guacamole print, 153 texmex print, 159 red chilli print, 161 pink dream print, 162 blue sea print, 200 grey uni, 300 brown uni, 310 sunset print, 330 berry dreams print, 340 blue lagoon print, 400 black uni, 522 turquoise/blue print, 542 green print, 602 silver fox long print, 604 ocean view long print, 623 rose mist long print, 650 forest long print, 651 sand long print, 655 wooden rose long print, 672 bourgogne print, 677 green/turquoise print, 901 candy print, 903 yellow/pink print, 904 lavender print, 905 salt and paper print, 910 sea mist print, 911 picnic print, 912 soft chocolate print, 913 winter print, 914 shoreline print, 916 grand canyon long print, 917 deep ocean long print, 918 emerald city long print