DROPS Merino Extra Fine

3.45 ieskaitot PVN

100% Merino wool
50g = ~105m
Recommended needle size: 4.0 mm

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DROPS Merino Extra Fine is cable spun from extra fine merino wool fibers from free-range animals in and South America. Garments made in this yarn are very comfortable and have a great surface quality. This yarn is gentle on the skin, and therefore great for baby and children garments. Ideal for textured patterns such as cables and seed stitch, this yarn is superwash treated, which means it’s machine washable and suitable for everyday use. DROPS Merino Extra Fine has both solid and mix colours – mix meaning that the wool is manufactured by carding the colours together before spinning, which gives the shade a mixed effect. DROPS Merino Extra Fine is spun from multiple thin strands, which gives the yarn extra elasticity. Is this special construction that makes it extra important to treat the garment right: make sure that you knit with the correct tension and rather use a tight tension than loose. Don’t wash your garment too warm, never leave it to soak and let the garment dry flat.



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Merino vilna

Svars / garums

50g = approx 170m

Colour (Merino extra fine)

01 off white, 02 black, 03 dark grey, 04 medium grey, 05 light grey, 06 brown, 07 light brown, 08 light beige, 09 dark brown, 11 red, 13 denim blue, 14 steel blue, 15 light greyish green, 16 light pink, 17 cerise, 18 green, 19 light grey blue, 20 dark blue, 21 purple, 22 medium purple, 23 grey blue, 24 light yellow, 25 pink, 26 pistachio, 27 navy blue, 28 North Sea, 29 turquoise, 30 mustard, 31 forest green, 32 dark rose, 33 rose, 34 heather, 35 dark heather, 36 amethysts, 37 misty forest, 38 blue fog, 39 ice blue, 40 powder pink, 41 olive, 42 cedar, 43 sea blue, 44 royal purple


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