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100% Alpaca
50g = ~167m
Recommended needle size: 3.0 mm

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DROPS Alpaca is a lovely yarn spun from 100% superfine alpaca. The alpaca fiber is untreated, which means that it is only washed and not exposed to any chemical treatment prior to the dyeing. This highlights the fiber’s natural properties, while it also provides a better shape and texture quality. This quality is spun from 3 strands with an extra twist to provide a durable surface, and it’s available in many colours, from the vibrant to the more subdued. Solid, natural and mixed tones. The last are manufactured by carding the colours together before spinning, which gives it a mix effect. DROPS Alpaca has a large and varied range of patterns available in the DROPS collection.

Garments made in this yarn are lightweight and comfortable, super soft directly on the skin, and have a nice characteristic sheen.

Made in Peru



Additional information

Krāsa (Alpaca)

0100 off white uni, 1101 white uni, 2020 light nougat mix, 2110 wheat uni, 2915 orange uni, 2916 bright lime uni, 2917 turquoise uni, 2918 dark turquoise uni, 2919 teal uni, 2921 bright pink uni, 2922 deep pink uni, 2923 goldenrod uni, 2925 rust mix, 302 camel uni, 3112 dusty pink uni, 3140 light pink uni, 3620 red uni, 3650 maroon mix, 3720 medium pink uni, 3770 dark pink uni, 3800 mauve uni, 3900 tomato uni, 3969 red/purple mix, 4010 light levander uni, 403 medium brown uni, 4050 purple uni, 4305 dark indigo uni, 4400 dark purple uni, 4434 amethist mix, 501 light grey mix, 506 dark grey mix, 517 medium grey mix, 5565 light maroon mix, 5575 navy blue uni, 601 dark brown uni, 607 light brown mix, 618 nougat mix, 6205 light blue uni, 6309 medium petrol uni, 6347 sweet lavender uni, 6360 blue mix, 6736 burgundy mix, 6790 capitan blue uni, 6834 midnight blue mix, 7120 morning mist uni, 7139 mineral blue uni, 7233 olive mix, 7238 green grass mix, 7240 petrol mix, 7300 lime uni, 7323 sea fog mix, 7815 forest mix, 7895 dark green uni, 8105 pale lilac uni, 8120 lavender mix, 8903 black uni, 9020 light peral grey mix, 9021 fog mix, 9022 coral uni, 9023 purple fog mix, 9024 old rose mix, 9025 hazelnut mix, 9026 blush mix, 9028 lemon pie, 9029 pickle green